Aug 082012

0 FBI & TSA Agents to be deployed in UK airports for 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS (G4S, False Flag)FBI & TSA Agents to be deployed in UK airports for 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS (G4S, False Flag)

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The US Transport Security Administration has reportedly prepared its personnel to be deployed in UK airports for the Olympic Games. The US agents will apply their skills to help their UK colleagues bolster security during the event.

­TSA personnel are to arrive at UK air hubs a week before and stay a week after the London Olympics, according to a newly reached agreement between UK’s Department of Transport and the US Transportation Security Administration, Sky News reports.

“This is an added security layer that has been done to help boost and aid the American airlines in particular that fly in and out of the likes of Heathrow and other airports,” says Sky’s correspondent.

The agents are not permitted beyond boarding gates or onto UK aircraft. The action is aimed at aiding the US carriers’ security and also that of UK airlines flying in and out of America.

UK’s Olympic security has been questioned on a number of occasions.

The latest on July 15th, the Observer newspaper reported that since the start of the month, Heathrow immigration staff have missed a number of people on a security watch list whose arrival must be reported to counter-terrorism police or Britain’s domestic intelligence service.

Authorities in London are under extreme pressure to provide the necessary security staff after the failure of the private security contractor G4S to deliver personnel to protect Olympic venues. The security personnel provided have had insufficient training and failed to adequately conduct body searches or operate scanners, according to reports.

“I can see so many security loopholes for this event. Security staff are given a very short time for their training and there is a very slack approach,” said a whistleblower, an expert in weapons and explosives detection.

Now the UK government has called in an extra 3,500 troops to guard the events in addition to the 7,500 troops already scheduled to provide security at some 100 sensitive sites.
­’US security presence proves UK’s vulnerability’

­The American security presence during the Olympics is fairly insulting to the British government and its security apparatus, Phil Rees, a security expert, told RT.

“It has been such a culture of cutbacks, such a culture of privatizations here, that I think it has left Britain very vulnerable,” he said.

The fact that TSA agents age being brought to British airports makes one wonder about the real threat, he added. British authorities said there is no intelligence on any specific security threat — besides a constant Islamic terror threat, Rees explained. But putting armed soldiers on the streets is not a proper way to combat terrorism, he said.

“If you look at combating terrorism, it’s intelligence that breaks it down — it’s informers, it’s not having a vast number of soldiers on the street,” he said. “I think that’s how the focus should have been on specific threats, and on those people who might endanger those at the games rather than grand security jamboree.”

The Olympics should be a celebration of athletics, but have been transformed into the celebration of an international security industry, Rees told RT.

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Dec 132011

0 SWAT Home Security   2GIG Security FeaturesAt Swat Home Security, our mission is: “We will treat you, our customer, with respect & dignity and exceed your expectations in customer service by providing high-quality products at exceptional pricing. Our knowledgeable staff will provide an educational and fun investment experience as well as professional service to ensure that we have earned your business and your trust”. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we are a full business and residential home security provider. The finest Colorado Springs home security systems are available to your family or business from the Pikes Peak area. Swat Home Security, We have been proudly serving Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Woodland Park and Pueblo for the past 10 years. We have the experience and the ideal safety system to help protect your home or business.

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Oct 242011

0 TSA performing SECONDARY screeningLas Vegas airport gate D55, United Airlines flight Las Vegas to Chicago. October 14, 2011

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Oct 122011

0 Protect America Home Security recognized by Austin, TX Police Chief Art Acevedo

On September 21, 2011, Austin Chief of Police Art Acevedo presented Protect America, Inc. and Protect America Cares with a plaque of recognition for donating 60 body cameras to the Austin Police Department.

This is a ongoing program of Protect America Cares to provide protection for local law enforcement officials serving our communities.

For more information contact Shawne Groves (

Video by Nicklaus Louis
Music by DJ soumonkey

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Oct 032011

0 TSA, Police Officers Bribed by Drug DealerThree federal Transportation Security Administration officers and two other law enforcement officers were arrested on charges of accepting cash or gift cards in exchange for permitting prescription drug dealers to move tens of thousands of highly addictive painkiller pills and cash proceeds from the illegal sales through airports and highways.

The TSA officers, based at airports in Florida and New York, and a Westchester County, N.Y., police officer allowed the oxycodone through airport security, authorities said Tuesday. A Florida state trooper accepted cash and checks for ensuring dealers could freely transport the pills and cash proceeds by car through that state, prosecutors said.

The TSA officers, Christopher Allen, 45, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; John Best, 30, of Port St. Lucie, Fla.; and Brigitte Jones, 48, of the Bronx, N.Y., were charged with conspiring to distribute and possessing with intent to distribute oxycodone. The New York police officer, Michael Brady, 36, and the Florida trooper, Justin Kolves, 28, face the same charges; their hometowns were not released.

The arrested man revealed that over the past year he had regularly purchased thousands of oxycodone pills from suppliers in Florida, transported the oxycodone to Connecticut by plane or car and sold the pills to Connecticut-based drug dealers. He flew from Florida to New York more than 65 times, according to an affidavit.

The man allegedly told authorities he provided cash and gift cards to certain TSA officers who screened passengers and luggage at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y, to ensure he could pass through airport security while he carried oxycodone pills. He also said he paid Brady more than $20,000 to ensure he could carry large quantities of cash from the sales through airport security.

The man said he provided cash to Kolves, the Florida trooper, and gave checks to the trooper’s fiancee, in exchange for the trooper’s assurance that individuals who transported drugs or cash would not be detained by law enforcement while driving through central Florida.

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Sep 022011

0 Motorcycle Fail   Perfect Transportation SecurityAn example of how to convey in any way a motorcycle …

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Aug 132011

0 House Hardening   Home Security for SHTF or economic collapseMy plans for making my house more secure, to hopefully make it through the rough times we may have in the future.

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Jun 212011

0 Military Vehicles [Brazil]: Caveirão Military Police Armoured Transport (BOPE)Language of Video Presentation: Brazillian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro)

The Caveirão is a security van that has been adapted into military-style assault vehicle for use by the special police of Brazil’s state of Rio de Janeiro, the BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) which means in English, Special Police Operations Battalion. The word Caveirão literally means “big skull” and is a reference to the emblem of the battalion which is prominently displayed on the side of the vehicle.

Among the modifications made to the original security vans are a turret that is able to rotate through 360 degrees and rows of firing positions running along each side of the body of the van. Built to resist high-powered weapons and explosives, the Caveirão has two layers of armour as well as a steel grill for protecting windows when under heavy fire. The vehicle weighs around 8 tons and can reach speeds of up to 120km an hour. Its tyres are coated with a glutinous substance which prevents punctures. The van’s four doors lock automatically and cannot be opened from the outside, while two escape hatches are available for emergencies, one located at the turret and another on the floor.

The Caveirão can carry up to 12 heavily-armed officers. The armouring is necessary for the protection of officers on dangerous missions deep into Rio’s notorious shanty town neighborhoods in the fight against organised crime and drug trafficking.

The vehicles cost R$135,000 each (approx. US$62,000),


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Jun 192011

0 Security guard killed in bus robberyA security guard was shot and killed and two others injured when a gunmen attempted to rob bus passengers along Spanish Town Road earlier today…

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Jun 162011

0 Paladin Security Group, Injury InvestigationFemale Paladin employee with broken foot was denied transport to hospital for 7 hours by Paladin. She was told she needed to take a drug test first before they would transport her. When she tried to return to work, the company fired her.

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