Sep 022012

0 Review of Simplisafe Home SecurityThe Computer Repair Guys recently purchased Simplisafe for my personal home and to do a review. Here is our quick reviews that covers both ease of installation and quality of use.

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Jul 172012

0 SHTF HOME SECURITY: Re Inforce Your Door With A BarricadeI discuss a cost-effective way to re-inforce your door with a 2×4 barricade for superior home security.

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Jul 072012

0 Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Home Security System
The Visonic PowerMax Plus is one of those systems that can take the guesswork out of setting up security for your home. It’s perfect for a smaller home or apartment, or someone thats just starting out with home security. Many of those people dont know what they need or dont want to make a big financial commitment at the beginning. This kit is a fraction of the cost of custom systems. However, it does provide a complete security solution, as well as the option to add on more features and equipment later—again, without having to call in a pro. For more on this product click here –

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Jun 252012

0 Hardening Your Home SecurityYou can have a significant effect upon the security of your residence by taking a few moments to assess its weaknesses and a few more moments to take simple actions (many of which cost nothing but your time or a bit of physical exertion) to eliminate or strengthen those weaknesses.

Whether you own your residence or are a tenant (either in the traditional sense or as a student residing in University residence hall or apartment housing) does not materially affect your ability to take action to prevent crime; if you rent, however, you must seek permission from the owner or agent for the property where you reside to make any permanent changes to those premises.

Experience has demonstrated three basic concepts repeatedly:

The appearance that an occupant is present and is attentive to the condition of the property is, in itself, a potent deterrent to would-be criminals, and

Physical security equipment is absolutely worthless unless used, and

The component in any security system most likely to fail is the human one.
Keeping your residence neat and clean, in good repair, and giving the appearance of being home (i.e. being in and out and active inside) is the first fundamental step toward preventing crime there.

The second fundamental step toward home crime prevention is to be a good neighbor. Get to know your neighbors and their habits to the extent that you can recognize deviations from normal behavior (and they can do the same for you).

Call the police when you observe a stranger behaving in a suspicious manner (loitering and observing, approaching multiple residences without apparent business, or removing property from a neighbor’s residence). A cooperative neighborhood can increase everyone’s collective home security with very little individual effort or time.

A third fundamental step is to take prompt action to address maintenance problems affecting your security; report burnt-out lights, uncollected trash, graffiti, broken windows, defective security systems and other conditions which detract from the secure appearance of your residence promptly to the appropriate authorities for correction.

Finally, make an effort to cooperate with and support your law enforcement provider. Introduce yourself to the officers who patrol your neighborhood; participate in organized security meetings and programs such as Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, or Neighborhoods Say Thanks; and ensure that your address is prominently marked on your curb, home, apartment, or room.

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Jun 212012

0 KIT32 POWER5   DSC Power 1832 Security Kit   Home Security Store
This is a Home Security Device called the KIT32-POWER5 – DSC Power 1832 Security Kit
This alarm kit practically eliminates guesswork when selecting accessories and you have the option of expanding with additional hardware or wireless accessories. For more information please go to or

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Jun 152012

0 Home Security: how to prevent burglars from breaking into your homeKY3′s Cara Restelli tests specially treated windows to see if they would stand up to would-be burglars. She found for less than $100, you can protect your home from break-ins.

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Jun 082012

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Jun 082012

0 Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server Part 4: SSL CertificatesIn this screencast I cover how to set up a self signed SSL Certificate to enable secure connections of all your devices to your server. This screencast is for home users who don’t need a purchased certificate.

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