Nov 012013

0 Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTFThis video was inspired by 2 videos: They got me thinking icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF



I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on hardening your home for security purposes and protection in case the SHTF. What have you done, What would you still like to add? If money were no object (In know, I know hardee-har-har icon wink Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF what would you construct?

A couple of thoughts:
All the supplies are useless if we cannot protect them.
All homes can be breached no matter how extensive any security system is.

Stay safe everyone icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF

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Comments: I am thoroughly intrigued by your thoughts and ideas on my videos and welcome all comments. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps.

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Aug 312013

0 How to Harden Doors and Windows  Easy DIY Tips  Increase Home SecurityIn response to our “Ultimate Home Defense Security Plan” we were asked numerous times how to harded doors and windows. So we made a video. In this video are a number of lower cost easy DIY security products. Whether used seperatly or combined your should realize an increase in the amount of time you can delay an intruder.

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Here are the links to the products discussed:
Strikemaster II

Easy Armor

Comes in different finishes.

Tying the Door…to the floor.
Door Club





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Jun 242013

I am interested in knowing what home security system people might have, why you selected the company you did, your monthly fee, what benefits are offered in the monthly fee, i.e., off-site remote, pendant for alert to police/fire dept. to be worn by disabled individual, etc. Thanks.

Cleveland 04/29/13

I’m thinking the System,..which presents: A voice contact over the building,.?! Will speak over the
area,.warning that the Security company has detected an activity,.?! And, the Police/Security
people will be at that location in minutes,.??!!

You’ll want that set up,.! Would scare the dickens out of inthruders,.?!!

Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )

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Jun 132013

0 Best Home Security in PhiladelphiaBest Home Security in Philadelphia –
Your families security should always be a number one priority and finding the best home security company in Philadelphia means you can put your mind to rest that your property and your family are safe.

Installing a home security system doesn’t have to be complicated. You may wish to look at some of the better features to include and your consultant will be able to show you what would work best for your assets as well as your lifestyle.

Should you decide to choose a wired or wireless option, have a control center with sensor lighting, window and door sensors along with panic buttons etc, you know that what you purchase is going to be a quality product that you can rely on.

Did you know that even just advertising that you have a security system installed can be enough of a deterrent to keep the most avid bugler at bay.

For more information on our services and our products, give us a call on (telephone number) or visit our website for more information and get the Best Home Security in Philadelphia.

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May 252013

Does anyone know where I can get monitoring for an existing home security alarm? I was just at an estate sale and bought this big box of what they called gagets for $12. In the box was a brand new GE Simion XT (appears it was never installed) Verizon cellular card, 6 door sensors, 4 motion sensors, 4 smoke alarms, remote touch screen and some other stuff.

I had in mind to put the touch screen by the door then hide the main unit in a closet or something. I talked with several different alarm companies, one wanted to send a professional to rip mine back out and install theirs. One other place said my stuff was compatable, but they would only monitor my system if I purchased it from them. They were not at all impressed that I got it from an auction.

I’d like to do it with cellular if I can because I don’t want to get a landline, but one place that charges $8.95 will only monitor it if I have a landline. The biggest problem with cellular, the only strong signal I get here is from Verizon. We have a small local GSM company, but they don’t play well with others (I know T-mobile won’t work here at all) Not sure if AT&T will roam here but I know they can’t be activated here. Already tried a GSM Tracfone here and it’s a no go.

Some other facts I found out, if I have one monitored smoke detector and contacts on my front and back door, then just take basic monitoring for around $10 via landline, I get the same insurance discount as if I have 10 smoke detectors, montion sensors, window alarms, etc. and pay $45/mo for interactive monitoring. I’ve also learned the local cops are very very slow to respond to calls from alarm companies since almost all home security alarms are false alarms and they said they would likely just drive by 40 minutes after getting the call.

Makes me question just how much I want to spend on a monitoring service, but at least they would let me know if something happends and I can have the neighbors run over and check if I’m not around.

One thing that absolutely blows my mind is why anyone would want to save money when they put in a home security system. I will say this only once, never ever attempt to install your own security system, always get a competent professional installer to do the job for you.

We recently had a case locally where a guy bought a system for under $500 form Simplisafe. Sounds good so far, the system came UPS, he installed it himself and monitoring was $14.95 a month. Not bad. Several months later his house was broke into. The alarm went off and the monitoring center call the police dept. A cop reported he drove by the house but didn’t see anything so he wrote it up as a false alarm. The guy came home and found his back door had been forced open with a pry bar. They suspect at least 2 or 3 were in the house and one drove the vehicle. The first thing the crooks did was try to hit the remote keypad with a hammer, they were a bad aim and knocked several holes in the wall but eventually smashed the keypad to pieces. He had mounted several 110 db sirens inside the house and a siren outside the house. The crooks found the base station which is this tower like triangle cone shaped thing – everything on it is enclosed including the back up battery – now they tried smashing the base, but even after damaging the housing with a hammer, the sirens continued to sound.

Crazy thing, the sirens couldn’t be turned off and continued to sound but the base was badly damaged. Now to add insult to injury, the guy was fined for the false alarm, no alarm permit, disturbing the peace and creating a nuisance. He found himself facing nearly $800 in fines for improperly installing a sub $500 system. You seriously don’t want a smoke detector monitored because if the fire department responds and nobody is home or they are unable to contact a keyholder, they have to use forced entry to verify there is no fire. They also have to send you a bill for responding to the false alarm.

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May 152013

0 Do It Yourself Installation of the Simon XT Wireless Home Security System   Protect America TutorialWatch our New Tutorials:

The Simon X.T. Easy Installation –
Micro Door Sensors –
Micro Window Sensors –
Wireless Motion Detector –
Wireless Smoke Detector –
Simon X.T. Master Control Panel –
Simon X.T. Wireless Touchscreen –
Glass Break Detector –
Wireless Panic –
Mini PinPad –

Installing and activating your Simon XT Wireless Home Security System is a very easy process that usually takes less than one hour.

Make sure your home is protected and secure with a GE home security system and home alarm monitoring service provided by Protect America! Follow this simple “How To” video tutorial and get your home security system up and running today.

Our customer installation specialists are available by phone with step by step instructions. Simply call our toll free hotline, 1-800-951-5111.

Music by Gabriel Chance

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Apr 232013

0 Broadview Security : The Next Generation of Brinks Home Security : Commercial : BackyardBroadview Security, the next generation of Brinks Home Security, offers state-of-the-art home and business security solutions, continuing a tradition that has lasted more than 25 years. While our new name better positions us for the future, and better reflects all of the products and services we have to offer our customers, our mission of creating Customers for Life by offering exceptional home and business security services remains the same. Thats why more than 1.3 million home and business security customers across the United States and Canada trust us to help protect the people and things that matter most in life by providing reliable and affordable home and business alarm systems and monitoring services.

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