Nov 152013

To reiterate, what degree (masters/major) would be good for a person who wants to start a Computer Security company (Computer Security Software Development)? I plan to Minor in Theoretical Computer Science [Mathematics] at UC Berkeley or Stanford University, if that is of any help.

All help is greatly appreciated and thanks to those who answer! icon smile What degree is best for Computer Security?

"want to start a computer security company"?

go get a library card for a free education
will save u 100,000s$.

u can hired employees with degrees then.

read biographies of successful people
to see how few have ‘degree’ to start
a business.

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Nov 012013

0 Congressman Roilo Golez, author of Transport Security BillCongressman Roilo Golez of Paranaque is the author of the National Transportation Security Bill which seeks to create the National Transportation Security Authority of the Philippines to oversee and implement a security program for the Philippine sea, air and land transport facilities. The NSTA will be placed under the Department of Transportation & Communications. Golez, former National Security Adviser, is shown in video sponsoring the bill which the House Committee on Transportation readily approved. The Committee is headed by Congressman Monico Puentevella.

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Nov 012013

0 Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTFThis video was inspired by 2 videos: They got me thinking icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF



I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on hardening your home for security purposes and protection in case the SHTF. What have you done, What would you still like to add? If money were no object (In know, I know hardee-har-har icon wink Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF what would you construct?

A couple of thoughts:
All the supplies are useless if we cannot protect them.
All homes can be breached no matter how extensive any security system is.

Stay safe everyone icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper icon smile Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF

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Oct 142013

I have found that the English tend to be much more thorough in their safety checks of both an airliner and and airport security than the Americans.
Too many times Airplanes in the U.S have crashed killing many, especially when compared to British aviation disasters, and it seems to be quite easy to hijack an american airliner than it is an English one. This fact can be proven by the many times terrorist attacks have been foiled by the British secret service.
Knowing that it would be a terrorist dream too murder 300 people by driving a plane into a U.K city, it would have happened already. Thankfully, this has never happened, neither do I see a time in the future when it will. British security is by far, the best.

America, on the other hand, due tend to be a little too trusting, for this reason, terror attacks have been easily carried out, and to top it all, sometimes an airline engineer makes a mistake and has a result a plane comes down.

This, thankfully, does not happen, as our flight pilots, flight attendees, control tower personnel, and maintenance staff have quick and acerbic minds to remedy every single problem the aviation world may face.

It is quite a different story in America.
Would you agree that U.K airports are much, much safer than American ones?

I wish there was a way to give "thumbs down" to askers.
Superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism in which that person’s feelings of superiority counters (or conceals) his inferiority.

I still wait for an new airliner designed and produced in UK. Nothing seems much in production of new Vickers, Bristol and De Havilland airplanes…? At least the French industry can produce jet transports and high performance jet fighters.

Like the rest of the industry in UK. Took the BMW engineers to make the Mini Cooper a decent car, the one produced 50 years ago in UK was rubbish -

When do we meet again in the Malvinas…? We have a few more Exocets ready to be launched on your little boats.

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Sep 292013

0 Dubai Transport Security Dept. police car (360°   pictures)Here you’ll see a police car from the Dubai Transport Security Department.
It almost looks exactly like all the normal police cars of the Dubai Police, except the light bar. LED light bars are rare on Dubai’s police cars. The light bar on this unit is a Star Laser from Star Headlight & Lantern from NY, it is also made in the USA icon smile Dubai Transport Security Dept. police car (360°   pictures)
Wanna visit there website? Click here:

Dubai, Emirate Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2/2012.

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Sep 292013

0 How to Hack a Web Site   Dr. Susan Loveland   Lunchtime Talks in Science and MathematicsIn this first lecture of the Fall 2010 series, Dr. Loveland and her special guest Eve Hacker take you on a precautionary journey regarding computer security, with a talk entitled “How to Hack a Web Site”. Adams State Computer Science Program:

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Sep 162013

Hi, why has security companies has been established to protect people and assets rather we can call the police and get assistancee from them? So what purpose do security serve over police? What is the difference between the police and security? Please answer guys thanks.

Security guards are not police, they work for private companies, usually to provide 24/7 protection of assets, and occasionally, people. They are able to focus their entire effort to this task, as they are not patrolling, checking drivers for various infractions or anything else that police do. Businesses would be wide open to criminal activity without security officers, because there would be little protection from the police. Security officers are citizens, and as such, may detain someone until the police arrive to transport them. The police may have the security officer place the person under citizen’s arrest, since the detainee did not commit a crime in the presence of the police officer. Security officers work hand in hand with the police to provide another level of protection.

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Aug 312013

0 How to Harden Doors and Windows  Easy DIY Tips  Increase Home SecurityIn response to our “Ultimate Home Defense Security Plan” we were asked numerous times how to harded doors and windows. So we made a video. In this video are a number of lower cost easy DIY security products. Whether used seperatly or combined your should realize an increase in the amount of time you can delay an intruder.

For this video and more visit us at

Here are the links to the products discussed:
Strikemaster II

Easy Armor

Comes in different finishes.

Tying the Door…to the floor.
Door Club





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